We previously talked about different methods we can use to recover. In this post, we are going deeper into the topic of supplements. 


Now sometimes when we hear the word supplements, we have some misconceptions. 


For example, we may think of a doctor handing us pills. These pills are usually medications, not supplements. That's different. So if you "have this rash" continue to see a doctor for your medication, but don't confuse those with supplements. 


We also often think of jacked up gym-bros handing out pills in the locker room. Those usually aren't good quality supplements. At least not the kind YOU want to take. You value your health and performance.


What Are Supplements

Supplements are concentrated doses of particular nutrients that we can use to fill in holes and deficiencies in our diet. They can come in liquid powder, capsule, gel, or soft gel form. The key to remember here is that they are "supplements" to your diet. You should primarily use them to fill in what you're missing in your diet. 

At MindfulMover, our first priority with supplements is always to fill in the deficiencies in our diet and add help where needed. So rather than immediately buying "Omega Thunderblast Jacked Warrior Bro", we start with the basic supplements:



This is a huge one. Most of the population is magnesium deficient. Which is bad because magnesium does SO much for our bodies. It helps us create energy, helps us sleep better, helps with contracting our muscles, keeps testosterone levels good, helps prevent muscle cramps, and more. Magnesium is one of those supplements where it would be easier to say what it DOESNT do. That list would be much shorter. 



Here's another one where most people are deficient which is BAD. Zinc is important for a lot of things like testosterone levels, helping to manage sex hormones, immune function, and more. Just like magnesium, the list is shorter for what it doesn't do. 


Vitamin D

Now here is an exceptionally terrible one. Many people are deficient in the D and that is a sad thing because getting the D is mostly free. (We are talking about Vitamin D here, by the way). We make Vitamin D from sun exposure at the right time of day and it carries benefits like bone health, energy, fat loss, muscle strength, management of chronic disease, and more. The list of all the things it does is huge, just like zinc and magnesium! Are you starting to notice a trend?



Next up would be a good multi-vitamin. These are great because they're like insurance. They make sure you have some of everything you need coming it. It's kind of like when you go on Tinder and send a BUNCH of people messages and hope for the best. Multi Vitamins give you a bunch of various nutrients and try to keep you from being deficient in any of them.  These are a good choice for ensuring you don't miss too much. 


Now there is a pattern here. All these supplements are things people are often deficient in. Rather than something like BCAAs, we work on filling in the gaps in our diet first. We want to make sure we are healthy. If you're healthy, you'll make more gains. We would rather spend our money on improving our health and gains than just improving our gains with more specific workout type supplements. 


So do the same. Use supplements to fill in the gaps in your diet and work on your health, THEN worry about performance. Often times, however, when your health is good, you don't have to worry much about performance. Our bodies are meant to perform well already. Sometimes it just takes a little good supplementation.